Neuromas and Neuropathy

Neuromas occur most often in the forefoot as a result of a nerve being pinched and entrapped for a long period of time. The nerve eventually becomes thickened or inflamed and begins to cause burning, tingling or shooting pain into the toes. This can be caused from a structural change in the foot, ill-fitting shoes or tightly lacing the shoes.

Treatment Options: Conservative care may consist of changing footwear, padding of the area, reducing pressure in the area, injections of a steroid, or custom made orthotics to address the biomechanical faults.

Surgical treatments are performed in cases when all other treatments have not provided enough relief. If surgery is required the procedure is performed in the comforts of our office and using a local anesthetic an incision is made and the entrapped nerve is released. A thorough examination with your Podiatrist will help determine the best treatment option.