Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are a custom medical device prescribed by a Podiatrist to address a biomechanical fault within the foot. Orthotics are commonly dispensed for foot conditions and problems such as, heel pain, flat feet, arch pain, pain in the ball of the foot, bunions, rigid big toe joints, arthritis and joint pain, pronation, supination, calluses and lesions caused by pressure.

It is very important to be examined and diagnosed by a Podiatrist (a specialist of feet and only feet) to ensure you need orthotics and that you receive the appropriate orthotics. Now a days Orthotics are available for purchase just about everywhere, and the term “Orthotics” or “arch supports” are loosely used and may be dispensed inappropriately.

In our office once an Orthotic has been recommended a series of biomechanical measurements are taken and a plaster cast technique is used to create the impression of your feet. A fitting appointment is scheduled approximately 2 weeks later, where the device is placed in your shoes. A Podiatrist is responsible for the diagnosis, prescription and the orthotic, therefore follow up visits are very important to ensure success. The average lifespan of an orthotic is 3-5 years, after this period of time an update should be considered as our feet change over time and the materials used to make the orthotic can wear down.